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Consulting Services Overview

Consulting is a core element of the overall KingWare Systems suite of client offerings. In fact, a good portion of the work we perform for clients is always technical consulting in nature. Our general consulting services are outlined below, but we encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Project Management

Our consultants are experienced and trained in the most proven project management principles available. This means organized, efficient and expertly managed projects every time. Small or large, short- or long-term, we deploy project managers to client sites to get the job done quickly and on budget. If you've got a project, we can help get if off the ground and completed.

Process Design & Evaluation

Every business has a series of processes they use to get their work done. Sometimes there are only a few processes. In many cases there are hundreds or even thousands of them, but in all cases efficiencies can be gained through expert evaluation and potential process tweaks. If you want to save time and money by increasing the efficiency of your business, let our consultants get to work to help make your operation a smarter one.

Software Selection & Implementation

Software systems come in all shapes and sizes. There are relatively small programs such as Microsoft Access, to much larger and more complex systems like a Paperless Office Storage System. Some are interconnected throughout the organization and some require complex databases. Regardless of the software type or purpose, you need expert advise in selecting the proper software for your organization and a precise plan to implement it. We can help.

Security Services

Computer and network security is serious business. More often than not, individual systems, and the network they are connected to, are left vulnerable to cyber attacks, viruses and intrusion. Our security consultants can give you a full security assessment and work with you to patch up your vulnerabilities.

User Support & Training

Today's businesses rely on computers as the backbone to their operations. It's important that your staff is fully proficient in not only the software they need to use, but the software they could be using to make their work faster and smarter. KingWare Systems offers customized training for 1-50 people in individual sessions or a group classroom environment. Whether you need an increased understanding of Microsoft Excel or want to make better use out of your Blackberry Enterprise Server, we can provide the right training customized to your needs.

Consulting takes on many shapes and forms. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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