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Projects of all shapes and sizes need proper project management, leadership and applied principles. A project is considered successful when it is completed within the specifications outlined, on time, on budget and meets or exceeds the stated goals and expectations. However, most businesses are not equipped to properly manage even some of their own projects. This isn't due to a lack of motivation or hard work, rather a lack of training in successful project management principles and the time to implement them.

At KingWare Systems, our project managers are highly trained in leading techniques and strategies for tackling, driving and completing projects that ultimately exceed expectations. This may be something as small as trying to launch a new office policy or as large as implementing a completely new ERP software solution. Our managers are not only experts in task management and resource planning, but understand how to bring all the necessary stakeholders on-board and keep them on track and focused.

We handle projects of both technical and non-technical nature. In fact, many people think technology will solve whatever need they have, when in fact what they may need is simply a basic process re-design or additional training on what they already have. Our consultants can help you identify what direction you need to take during the initial discovery phase.

Contact us today to discuss the projects already sitting on your plate or ones you know are headed your way. Let's see if we can help you get them off the ground and completed. For those advanced planners out there, today is a good day to begin thinking about the project you expect to land in 6-18 months. A little up-front work can save you a good deal of time and money in the long-run.

Already knee-deep in a project and not seeing results? We'll get you back on track.





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