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Optimizing a Web site in order to get top placement within search listings is what this service is all about. When you go to Google and type in a search term, what shows up in the results, and in what order, often seems like chance. In some cases, that's entirely true, but for smart Web site owners there is a method behind the madness and a certain level of control you can obtain.

Search engines list Web sites in a few different ways. The most common are 'free' listings and 'paid' listings. The paid listings are usually labeled as such and appear at the top of the results page and sometimes over on the right. But, what about the non-paid listings? What if you're in that list, but on the 42nd page down near the bottom? How in the world do you get listed higher without paying for what is referred to "pay per click" advertising? Well, we can show you.

Each search engine or online directory has a process in which it scours the Internet for Web sites and figures out a way to organize and catalog them properly. Each search engine does this differently, which is why doing a search on Google or Bing will yield often completely different results.

So, you are probably wondering, how can this be controlled and how can KingWare Systems help? The devil is in the details, but essentially we code (or recode) your site in such a way that is better understood by search engines and gives them better directions on how to list your site. In addition, there are text changes that can be made to your pages to further clarify for search engines what you're all about and why you should rank higher than the next guy.

At the end of the day, you need someone that understands how search engines rank pages, what changes can be made to an existing site to increase your odds of rising in the tide, and how to remain at the top of that wave indefinitely. We can help. You make the call. We'll get out the wet suit.

It's all about being seen. We can help direct traffic right to your front door. Call us.






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