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Technical Project Support

At one point or another, all companies find themselves tackling various technical projects as they continue to refine and grow their business. We offer technical project management assistance in the following ways:

Project Management

We believe in strong project management principles in order to deliver projects on-target, on-time, and within budget. KingWare Systems employs highly experienced and friendly project managers that can be deployed to assist or drive your next project. We work with existing technical and management staff to craft, implement, and push a project plan forward. We also offer post-project support and ongoing refinement consulting so you get even more out of your project than you may have initially expected.

Solution Design

Companies often find themselves with some technical need, but have no sense of how to meet that need. Our consultants work with clients to execute a gap analysis of the problem and develop a best approach for moving forward. We work with stakeholders to create a realistic and straightforward approach to getting a solution in place as quickly as possible. We can then hand-off the plan for your own staff to implement, or we're happy to supply the project management and technical skills necessary to get things done.

Technical Consulting

As with all our consulting services, Technical Consulting simply provides your business with whatever technical guidance or direction you may need. We work with both small and larger businesses and engage in consulting engagements that last anywhere from a few hours to more than a year--based on the complexity and type of technical need you are addressing.

Simply put: If you have any sort of technical need, we can help. Call or email today for a complimentary, no-commitment conversation with an experienced consultant.

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