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Technical Services Overview

KingWare Systems offers a full range of technical services and IT support solutions for clients of all types and industries. Below is a breakdown of our technical services. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or to discuss your particular technical needs with a consultant.

Outsourced Technical Support

KingWare Systems provides a complete managed technical support solution for small and medium sized businesses. We craft a customized technical support solution based on your unique business needs and provide fast remote and onsite technical assistance for your staff, no matter where they are. Corporate headquarters, home offices, or even hotel rooms and airports, we handle all of your on-demand and regular maintenance issues.

All businesses, large and small, need an expert technical staff to support end-users and managers alike. Now even the smallest of businesses can receive the same level of support as large corporations--all at a cost much more affordable than you may imagine.

Technical Project Support

We are happy to provide technical project guidance to you in the form of project management, solution design and technical consulting. In a project management capacity, we provide experienced technical managers to drive and deliver new or existing projects that can't afford to lose focus or traction along the way. Our 'solution design' consulting is a service that allows us to work with new or existing clients in the brainstorming and development of a best approach to an existing technical need or software gap.

We can either provide internal staff the direction necessary to get the job done, or supply those technical resources for you. For purely programming and coding support, please see Custom Programming below.

Custom Programming Services

Programming (a.k.a. 'coding') services are offered to clients wishing to meet a particular functional or technical requirement that is not being met by existing systems or software. We work with both modern and older programming languages and can either lead a project, or supplement existing technical staff. If you're looking for HTML and Web-based programming services, please visit our Web Services section.

Secure Data Backup Implementation

Often overlooked, secure data backup is critical for business and home users to prevent devastating data loss caused by computer failure, viruses, or even flood or fire. Computers in all environments should have a proper automated backup plan. At KingWare Systems, we help implement the right system for you; including secure offsite remote backup and external drive setup. Don't be caught without your data if disaster strikes. You'll also be surprised at how affordable and simple backing up your data can be.

Residential Technical Services

In today's modern computer age, homes are filled with desktop computers, laptops, Blackberries, smartphones, printers, wireless networks, external hard drives and virtually every type of device and gadget imaginable. Whether for personal enjoyment or critical home office tasks, we can keep you running smoothly and trouble free with a variety of remote and onsite technical services, including troubleshooting and repair, device training, software and computer setup and so much more.

Have a technical need and don't really know how to explain it? Call or e-mail today and talk it through with a friendly consultant. Don't be shy; we've heard it all.





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