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Businesses today are utilizing and maintaining an unprecedented number of desktop systems, laptops, file servers, printers, scanners, backup power systems, mail servers and everything in between. From hardware to software, wired and wireless networks, security and system maintenance, companies need to ensure their technological infrastructures are consistently performing at optimal levels.

When you don't have the ability to hire and run your own technical support department, outsourcing all or part of your technical support and maintenance is simply a sound business decision. With the full support of a robust and expert technical support department, led by a dedicated Technical Director, you'll receive the same level of support as the big boys, but at a fraction of the cost.

We support home businesses of one or multi-location companies with hundreds of employees spread throughout the globe. With a cost and service structure fully scalable, you'll only pay for what you need. Home offices, corporate headquarters, on the road travelers, we've got you covered. Through remote support utilizing cutting edge remote support software, or via e-mail, phone, and chat systems, we support your technical needs.

Fast Response Times. On-Demand Support. Customized Solutions. Contact us today to discuss how affordable and efficient outsourcing your technical support can be. One of our Technical Directors will discuss with you and craft a solution unique to your company and give you the necessary information to make a smart decision. We take IT Support seriously and think you should too.

Contact us today. Your new IT staff is standing by.

Whether you're down the street or across the globe, we can help. Contact us now and see how you can put the power of KingWare Systems support to work for you.





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